Hand made carpet

Persian hand-made carpets and rugs

A sign of Iranian art could be seen in every handmade carpet and this type of carpet is popular in many cities around the world. In the seven divisions of world art, there is no name of carpet and carpet has no special place in world art. However, Iranian carpet is one of the most original artistic fields of this country.


The reasons for why Iranian carpets are superior?

Iranian products have more variety than carpets produced in other countries, this variety could be seen in color, pattern, fiber material, comb and density, dimensions and size, application and quality.

Types of hand-woven carpets in terms of size

The most common sizes of Iranian hand-woven carpets are 6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters and 24 meters, which are selected according to the environment.

Carpets: are called footpaces that are in the sizes of 3.2 meters, 3.5 meters, 2.5 meters, 4.3 meters, and 4.6 meters.

Rugs: are carpets that have an area of ​​less than four square meters

Head-carpets: are called footpaces that are narrower than the carpets in terms of width and less than 4 meters in length.

Runner:  is the carpet that is used for corridors and stairs.

Doormats: The small rugs that are woven the size of a pad are called doormats.


Types of hand-woven carpets in terms of local style

Urban carpet means a carpet that is woven in cities. The urban weave carpet, which is woven by an urban weaver, is delicate and has a high number of designs.

Rural carpet is a carpet that is woven in a simple and basic way in the villages. Rural carpets are often woven without a pattern (mind weaver).

Nomadic carpet: Nomadic and tribal carpet is like a rural carpet, simple and primitive with patterns from the environment and life of the tribes.

Types of hand-woven carpets in terms of weaving styles

A full-roll rug:  means a rug with a 90-degree knot arc behind the rug and deep grooves behind the rug. In addition, the threads are not far from each other and its texture is strong.

Rolled carpet: In this type of carpet, the threads are spaced about one diameter apart.

Half-roll carpet: In this type of carpet, the knot arch behind the carpet is 45 degrees.

Types of Iranian hand-woven carpets in terms of design

The hand-woven carpets of Isfahan, Kerman, and Tabriz have always spoken among other cities, which are Kashan handmade carpet, Tabriz handmade carpet, Isfahan handmade carpet, Qom handmade carpet, Nain handmade carpet.

Types of Iranian hand-woven carpets in terms of material

Wool, all silk, silk flowers, silk foam and perch carpets.


Types of Iranian hand-woven carpets in terms of design:

Designs of Islamic antiquities and buildings, designs of Shah Abbasi, Islamic designs, frame designs, adaptation designs, Afshan designs, Bhatayi designs, tribal and nomadic designs, integrated designs, contagious designs, Turkmen designs, Tree Designs, Hunting Designs, Flower Designs, Vase Designs, Tangled Fish Designs, Altar Designs, Geometric Designs.


Advantages of Iranian handmade carpets

Be sure that because the ingredients of handmade carpets are taken from nature and no synthetic fibers are used in any way, it will help ensure your physical health.

Various designs and colors of handmade carpets provide you with peace of mind and make you enjoy life.

Handmade carpet is the only flooring that doubles its beauty due to walking, light, and washing and never loses its eye-catching.

Due to the use of wool, silk and cotton as raw materials in handmade carpets, you will never see the production of static electricity from this flooring, an advantage that is tangible and significant compared to many other types of flooring.

Hand-woven carpets have a multiplier life than all other flooring and have a very high ability to clean and sanitize.

Material of Iranian handmade carpets


Handmade silk carpets are usually more expensive and of very good quality. Handmade carpets usually use fibers and silks that contain less synthetic materials.


The warp and weft in this type of carpet is made of cotton and its lint is made of wool.

All silk carpet

Carpets that are made of (all materials) silk are called all silk.

Silk flower carpet

In these types of carpets, silk is used instead of woolen fleece in the patterns and around the edges, and usually the weft of such carpets is made of silk.

Silk floor rugs

In the field of such carpets, instead of woolen lint, silk lint has been used.

Sale of Iranian handmade carpets

Iran, which is the house of civilization and culture, prepares the purest types of handmade carpets not only for the domestic market, but also for export and global markets. The designs and patterns seen in Iranian handmade carpets are a sign of the originality of these original handmade carpets.


Prices of handmade carpets

The basic export price list of different types of carpets published in the Customs Journal is as follows


Sirjan Afshar carpet is50 $ per square meter


Bakhtiar and Yelmeh carpets are estimated at 90$ per square meter

Commercial Azerbaijan carpets (Tabriz, Tabatabai, Commercial, Qarjeh, Ahar, Mehravan, Grovan, Bakhshaish, Sharbian, Kenareh of Azerbaijan, Ardabil and Meshkin Abrisham, Ardabil and Meshkin Wool) are 50$ per square meter


Bakhtiar and Yelmeh carpets are estimated at 90$ per square meter

Afshar carpet in Babak is 100$ per square meter


Commercial Baluch carpet is 35$ per square meter

All-silk Turkmen carpet is 280$ per square meter

Kerman carpet 70 to 80 pairs (35 to 40 rows) is 130$ per square meter

Astan Quds carpet is 280$ per square meter

All silk carpets (Tabriz, Qom and Kashan) are 875$ per square meter

Qom and Ilam carpets are 390$ per square meter

Nain 4 and 6 layers are 500$ per square meter

Varamin carpet is 110$ per square meter.

Bijar, Bidganeh, and Zanjan carpets with Bijar design are estimated at $ 200 per square meter.

Tabriz, Sarab, and Tabatabai carpets with 40 ridges are sold for $ 180 per square meter.

And so on.

Prices of machine-made carpets

The price of machine-made carpets starts from 18$ to 28$ per square meter.

We can produce and prepare orders based on case order or number in any design, size, model, and any color based on the latest weaving technology. We have the ability to inform you from all stages of production from preparing the carpet plan to packing the produced carpet using video communication.

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